When no biasing is applied across the Zener diode, the electrons remains in the valence band of the p-type material and no current flow through the diode. A diode is a semiconductor device which conducts in one direction only. 25% Off … Zener diode can function as a voltage regulator when it is presented in a given circuit. The output along the diode is going to be constant. Thus, protects the meter from damage. Note down the corresponding input voltage and output voltage and tabulate it. There is only a small current, called the even if the voltage or current in the circuit What is the Power Rating, PZM, of a Zener Diode? The diagram shows a bridge network built using a pair of resistors and a pair of Zener diodes having identical characteristics. the voltage But when the reverse voltage applies across it and the reverse voltage rises beyond the predetermined rating, the Zener breakdown occurs in the diode. The Zener diode is mostly used in the commercial and industrial applications. a zener diode's zener voltage, VZ, the voltage that a zener drops across itself will not continue to increase. Thus, it allows the electrons to move from the valence band of P-type material to the conduction band of N-type material. Ordinary diodes can be split into two types: 1. of EECS Analyzing this Zener CVD model, we find that if the model voltage v Z is less than V ZK (i.e., v ZZK

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