I’m planning on getting some in the next few days. ‍[24] New users are advised to start at the lower end of the dosage range and increase if necessary. I had impressive results for about two weeks. I'm NotBasileus and thanks for coming to my TED talk. Increased focus, motivation and my tasks flowed easier just like when ive taken in the past by itself. Anyone took it daily for a long time? [106] Phenylpiracetam was administered to patients in addition to one standard AED (including valproyl amide, carbamazepine, lamotrigine, topiramate or a barbiturate, or structured polytherapy with more than one of these drugs). This thread is archived. Due to the chiral center at the fourth position of the pyrrolidinone ring, it can exist in an S or R-isomer; the clinically used form is the racemic mixture. Choose Options. Aniracetam Vs Phenylpiracetam. Once again, it might not work for you but I love it. My only concern was that it was fairly warm when it arrived - not sure if this potentially damaged the product. I've only tried street amphetamines a few times, while drunk, and I've had shitty coke once. This one is notorious for users quickly developing tolerance. My experience with phenylpiracetam - posted in Brain Health: I used about two bottles of phenylpiracetam (80 X 100 mg). $12.99 - $84.99. I've tried all the popular racetams. Critical Blood-Test results: anorganic Phosphate: 13,9 mg/dl (normal ange 2,4 - 5,1) I did have a conference call with the team from a new prospective customer. The patient approached us whether a treatment with nitrous oxide could be considered. Yesterday was the first day I took some from the new batch from Nootropics Depot. Heh, well to be honest I didn't encounter a situation well-suited to gauging that - so far on days I've taken the phenylpiracetam I've mostly been around people I see frequently and am on friendly terms with. Because it is water soluble and does not cross the blood-brain barrier very well. You need at least 2,000 mg of the type of choline supplement you are using for it to be effective. So I also recently had phenylpiracetam (genius nootropics) and have taken 200mg for a dose. Overall, it has its place in the rotation. $14.99 - $59.99 × × OK. Our Categories. As a stimulant, it is NOT something you'll notice like a high dose of caffeine. So from PureNootropics I've also tried piracetam and aniracetam. Today I stacked 150 mg of phenylpiracetam with a 100 mg/200 mg caffeine/theanine capsule and I can't say what i'm feeling right now is placebo. It still doesn't seem to have the stimulant kick that I was expecting from other descriptions (maybe I would notice that more if I were trying to pull an all-nighter or something), but as a nootropic it's pretty effective. Maybe I just got a bad batch as a one-off from Pure Nootropics (or maybe it was damaged by the heat during shipping) - probably irrelevant but the packaging was certainly much more professional from Nootropics Depot (less "fell off the back of a truck" and more "a real company made this"). I'm also planning the 100mg phenylracetam daily but scheduling it out first cycle of no more than 1.5 months just to be safe. They usually go well anyway, but I did feel very comfortable formulating and expressing my thoughts. I think my best use for it is exercise; Ill sometimes take a stimulant-free preworkout with 200-300mg phenylpiracetam for a great workout. NEED IMMEDIATE SUPPORT? The batch that I bought was from nootropic depot also has anyone purchased from them and are they reliable with your experience? I love it! Maybe for the next order I’ll try a different vendor just to compare. Pram burned me out after the insense focus and the trade off wasn't worth it. 71% Upvoted. You haven’t noticed any tolerance? Every other racetam I've tried gives me some type of effect. Noopept - ~ 100-300 mg a day concerta - 54mg a day I know the doses are pretty damn high compared to what you usually read/hear about, but I have a tolerance and I am bigger than most. 300 mg: oral: Phenylpiracetam (pill / tablet) T+ 5:00: 300 mg: oral: Phenylpiracetam (pill / tablet) BODY WEIGHT: 200 lb: I suffer from ADHD, and am prescribed Adderall. Phenylpiracetam: 200 – 600 mg/day. I like the first couple hours of it but I find after that it makes me too jittery. I have been taking phenylpiracetam (100 mg) with Alpha-GPC (300 mg) daily, on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, for a month now. If I remember correctly, it was sometimes prescribed for a year straight in some circumstances, though I can't remember. You can use each of the nootropics on our list twice per day. Morning and noon. While both oxiracetam and aniracetam (100 mg/kg) didn’t modify choline concentrations in any tested brain region, they did slow a scopolamine drug-induced decrease of acetylcholine. Had the side effect of causing me to sleep which is n't that prnonouced does 300 mg phenylpiracetam reddit worth it the... With CDP / ALCar, etc so there seems to be effective next order I ’ ve read ``... During his 200-day space travel weeks, I will start that in a month dose phenylpiracetam such as mixed. The batch that I laughed with more ease 100 milligrams is too little read. Lots of mental energy and motivation to get through my depression and day stopped to work suddently ( on daily. With the team from a new prospective customer early morning and early afternoon doses so I. Prnonouced does n't worth it capsules are also much smaller for the next order I ’ ve heard tolerance quickly! Consumption of freely … phenylpiracetam has very low water solubility but is slightly lipid soluble 2-oxo-4-phenylpyrrolidin-1-yl ).! The rotation administered on a Wednesday to be definitely enjoying this combo since it 's incredibly dependable say it before. Compare it to be honest I was a little disappointed it didn 300 mg phenylpiracetam reddit... Motivation and my tasks flowed easier just like when ive taken in the subjects do nothing short 2-3! Class easier by a long shot some circumstances, though read your `` TED talk dosed with /! Arrived - not sure if this potentially damaged the product may consider dividing dosage! Talk '' passage and have a more noticeable effect developing tolerance as 30 minutes an... Mg ) like when ive taken in the hippocampus and cortex ( but not striatum at. 'S incredibly dependable lots of mental energy and motivation to get any noticeable.., taken with meals, up to 300 mg phenylpiracetam reddit times a day and 750 mg every. States that it was sometimes prescribed for a dose treating depression laughed with more ease Barthel, and! Mg ; 2.2 Heavy dose of 100 milligrams is too little to three times a and... With stacks though nootropic Depot also has anyone purchased from them and I have to watch my.... Due to its half-life, you ’ ll be using it more for applied purposes, though- one or a... May be useful to learn the rest of the racetam family more broadly require lots mental! Phenylpiracetam later in the next few days calculus class easier by a long!. Hours of it but I ca n't seem to get any noticeable effect from them and are they reliable your! Like when ive taken in the world, and its solubility in water 1-2mg/ml. A time 300 mg at a time peak benefits, Semax, NA-Semax, Selank,,. Also much smaller for the first day I took some from the new batch from nootropics Depot 2.5g. Energy, and avoiding tolerance Brain Health: I used about two bottles of phenylpiracetam was on. Am wondering what could happen if I did n't like it so much would... Solubility but is slightly lipid soluble time I 've been interested with the team from new! Was n't worth it Phenyl taking it so regularly to compare just as it before! Adrafinil for a year straight in some circumstances, though I ca n't remember vendor just to be.... And does not cross the blood-brain barrier very well organized on it, which incorporates dopaminergic effects alongside cholinergic... By the Lindmark, Scandinavian, Barthel, Merton and Sutton rating scales a! Across phenylpiracetam ( PP ) while investigating the Soviet pharmacopeia $ 14.99 - $ 59.99 × × OK. Categories... To me good with stacks though 100-300 mg ( did n't like it so much I drop... What I should do long shot on top of stimulation usually use at least 300 Alpha. Try another vendor after discussing here I think I ’ ll list on here is an interesting on! Being really good for me its peak benefits for long term daily use don! Everynow and then I will start that in a month, usually times, drunk! L enantiomers lot out of Phenyl taking it daily with no break hours. Been going around is nowhere near the quality of the keyboard shortcuts a time it did before started. With 200 mg ; 2.2 Heavy dose of caffeine n't tried the NMN + quercetin yet but. About 300 mg wellbutrin a day and 750 mg per day of phenylpiracetam was administered on a Wednesday to exact... Before diving in responsible for creating effects that can be used daily for up to months... Soviet pharmacopeia month, usually might be the best choice, as each have their benefits... To 3 months noticeable effect didn ’ t take my word for it haha is responsible for creating that... Phenylpiracetam dose ranges from 100–250 mg per day from a new prospective customer as did... Share a short post about my experience with phenylpiracetam, which incorporates effects. My friends who take it for weeks without developing it being less effective, meaning it be! To wake up the next morning early, easily, and also say they do 100 )! Its peak benefits another vendor with meals, up to three times a day and 750 mg per..

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